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Targets & Timer Sytems


Targets are available from the CFDA General Store for around $189.00 + postage. However, the cost of postage for shipping the steel targets is pretty high, around $50.00 each due to the weight. The targets that are produced by the CFDA have a great feature of breaking down into 4 pieces for easy transport and they are used at many of the major shoots including the World Championships.



The timer systems that are produced by the CFDA are really great. They are dependable and accurate. We will continue to use the CFDA timers as we strongly feel they are the very best available. We recommend that if you are going to purchase a target / timer system, please check with us so that you order everything you need for a complete system. Additionally, the CFDA timer systems are modular, meaning that additional timers can be linked to the system to make additional shooting lanes by just plugging in the appropriate cables.

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