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The Six Gun

Single-action revolvers, factory chambered for the .45 Colt caliber, with non-adjustable rear sights are required. The barrel length is important, as the minimum is 4 ½ inches. Most of the manufacturers produce barrel lengths in 4 5/8 inches. Any longer takes more time to get that longer barrel out of the holster! There is a recognized class in CFDA called “Shootist” which requires a minimum barrel length of 7 ½ inches. Before you make any modifications to your six-gun, please refer to the CFDA Gunslinger’s Guidelines, as no external modifications, and many internal modifications are not allowed.

The Ruger “New Vaquero” is very popular for Cowboy Fast Draw. Please note that Ruger made the Vaquero and now they make the “New Vaquero”. The older version is a larger frame, larger diameter cylinder, and heavier than the “New Vaquero”. The “New Vaquero” is the same size as the original Colt. On the left side of the gun, just under the cylinder the guns will be marked “Ruger Vaquero” or “Ruger New Vaquero”. Some of the ladies that have small hands like the “Bisley style” guns. These are acceptable and the distance of the hand grip to the trigger is shorter. Again, make sure that they are the “New Vaquero”.


Other manufacturer’s produce great Cowboy Fast Draw guns as well; i.e. Colt, Beretta, Uberti, Cimarron, and others. Personal preference has options and is completely acceptable.

Purchase Info.


Gun Shows – Another opportunity to get a good purchase is the area gun shows, particularly if you are looking for a used gun.  However, make sure that you are getting a gun that has not been altered and will meet the rules and regulations of CFDA. – We have made several purchases via online bidding through, and all of these transactions were very good.  However, if you see a gun on line that you want, please check with a federal firearms license (FFL) holder, as the gun must be sent to a FFL.  After your purchase, the FFL will receive the gun for you, and you will pick it up from them when it arrives for a transfer fee. 



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