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            Welcome to the Sport of Cowboy Fast Draw! The Cowboy Fast Draw Association, LLC is the largest organization devoted to the Sport of Fast Draw to ever exist. Our Motto is: Safety First, Fun Second and Competition Third. Not that our competitions aren’t important, we shoot hundreds of events a year for prize money, prizes and titles. It’s just that we place sportsmanship and fun above the competition itself, and place safety above all.

            CFDA has about 70 affiliated clubs across North America and several countries, new clubs are forming constantly through CFDA’s “Club in the Works” program.

The Cowboy Fast Draw Association administrates the rules to the sport, sanctions contests, conducts a CFDA Range Officer Program, and maintains a Youth Safety Training Program. One of our primary goals is to educate as many people as possible in the safe and proper use of firearms. Because our sport can be conducted at almost any location due to the wax bullets that we use and the backstops our clubs construct, our events are held in many public venues. We consider ourselves ambassadors of the Cowboy Way and Gun Safety to the public who are spectators at our events.    

About the Sport

        You might say this all started in 1873 with Colt's release of the Peacemaker. In the era of 1873 through the 1890's, the Romance and Legend of the American West was unlike any other culture in the world; this time period is the premise for Cowboy Fast Draw. We use the best equipment available of the 1800's: single action revolvers and center fire cartridges. We're out to capture the feel of the Peacemaker in your hand, the smell of holster leather, and the exhilaration of reacting as fast as you dare while remaining cool-headed enough to hit your mark as you compete head to head in classic old west fashion. In Cowboy Fast Draw we can find out how we would have shot in the 1800's with gunfighter period guns and rigs.

        Cowboy Fast Draw L.L.C. is the newest and oldest shooting sport today. It is a timed sport using single action .45 caliber western style six shooters. It's as exciting as dropping the clutch on a dragster. Check out the announcements on the events page to see where you can attend a Cowboy Fast Draw competition.



* - Information on this page is taken directly from the CFDA website and should be credited to them

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