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Cowboy Fast Draw tends to focus on the period of 1873 (the year of the Colt Peacemaker revolver) to 1899. This was the heyday of the Cowboys and the Wild West. Wearing the appropriate attire is a great part of the CFDA. You can dress just the way they did in the old west, because we all do, and we have fun doing it!

Please note that some clothes are NOT ACCEPTABLE to wear at CFDA events and shoots. Short sleeved shirts, modern shoes, t-shirts, baseball caps, and tennis shoes are not allowed. Western cowboy, including working cowboy clothes is acceptable. Western boots or moccasins are acceptable footwear. We have had great fun and continue to, with the selection of our outfits. At the major shoots, State, Territorial, National, and World, there are usually banquets at night for fun formal dress up.

We have found several places on the internet to purchase the 1800’s period clothes and accessories.

Work n’ Ranch – ( These folks are great. They brought a trailer, dressing room, and tent to the World Shoot last year. We spent half a day trying on outfits.

Wild West Mercantile – ( Periodically these folks have a really good sale on the internet. We have purchased from them on several occasions, and no complaints.

Western Emporium – ( Great website to check out.


There are many other sites as well, just google 1800’s western wear and they start popping up.

Do not forget to check out the local western wear stores, i.e. Boot Barn, Cavender’s, etc. There are good sales on boots, hats, jeans, and accessories.

We have found that you can spend a little or a lot on period correct clothes and outfits. Start with the basics, and have fun. Collect and build your outfits over time. You will be surprised how you can change or alter an outfit with some inexpensive accessories. If you are into sewing, the patterns for many of the period correct clothes are available to purchase through the internet.

** - If you are in need of leather or leather working tools, we suggest Tandy Leather located at 7601 West Sam Houston Pkwy, ( (phone: 713-988-8824). They have great selections of leather and tools, as well as kits to make moccasins, and even holsters if you want to try your hand at a great craft. They have classes you can sign up for to learn the skills of working in leather.

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